Why Your Latest Competition is Good For Business!

If you are offering fitness services, then you are hit regularly with the “latest competition”.

CROSSFIT  and  Bootcamps are 2 examples of the major ones to become competition in your area.  Many of them function with a fraction of the investment required in a larger facility, offer a fraction of the services yet seem to lure some paying patrons away.

Many business owners I speak to feel these are a threat.  Few see this as being good for business.

Personally, I think the glass is half full.  These trends are good for your fitness offering. They require adjustment perhaps – that is good.  Evolution and change is the backbone of business, good business anyway.

Here are the top reasons why the latest competition is good for business:

  •  CROSSFIT and Bootcamps promote full body, compound joint movements. Functional movements with an interval structure. Their growth increases the bar for all those who offer fitness, and that is good for your fitness offering.  Both, don’t appeal to everyone, and can be hard on the body, especially when those not prepared.   Bad things can happen when suddenly introduced to plyometrics and Olympic weight lifting movements for speed.  I can tell you that any body over 40 is not going to respond well to plyometrics as a training focus.  Functional movements are good, interval training can be good.  Inadequate progressions, and high impact not conducive to long term positive results.
  • P90x is competition  has the other 2 mentioned.  As a positive, it increases the awareness of results driven workouts and highlights the importance of a set program.  Great feeder system for your offering right?

Anything getting people off the couch has positive benefits for your offering.

The publicity that CROSSFIT is getting currently is not a bad thing for the fitness industry.

In fact it is the perfect topic to engage discussion on how your offering is different, better and more sustainable for the positive changes your paying patrons are seeking.

So how is your offering different and better than the “latest competition”?

Are you offering results driven, timed workouts aka metabolic workouts?  Or a space to do so?

Are you incorporating that into your marketing?

Into your tours?

Into your staff training?

 Into your assessments or small group training presentations?

Certainly CROSSFIT provides lots to talk about.  That is good for your business.

How can you make your offering better? What discussions are you having with customers? Staff? And who are your vendors helping you progress with these?

To get a jumpstart on being better than your competition, contact your STAK FITNESS representative asap, info@stakfitness.com and 1866 936 0006. We will make your life easier. Period.

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