Get Better or Perish – The New Fitness Business Daily Credo

If you subscribe to STAK Fitness’ Emag (  or connected with our team, you know that we are focused on getting better every day.  Our STAK team understands that what worked well yesterday, last week, last month does not ensure success today.  That holds true to anything – athletics, business…the only constant we have is change!

You do not have to look far to see how the fitness business is being forced to evolve. Here are 2 examples.

St. Albert, Alberta has gone from 6 fitness focused businesses to 28 from 2006 to present day. (

A large fitness franchisor is licencing out P90x to come into their facilities with live classes following the popular concept. The influx of bootcamp style, timed, interval workouts continues to land into fitness focused offerings. ( )

Surely, the next big thing will be for clubs to licence this concept to offer the program – however, it falls right into the trap of  being just like everyone else. In no time the p90x live program will be available in 10 locations in your town. (we have seen this before).

Influx of competition for the fitness dollar means that business planning needs to be refined and mature in order to be sustainable.

The HOW of marketing, the HOW making the services affordable and appealing, the HOW of training staff to deliver the message are not only the biggest  challenges for this type of business – but if they are addressed properly, they will differentiate from competition.

At STAK Fitness, we help our customers develop implementation plans around their equipment in order to be different and better.

Implementation plans must cover HOW to develop additional revenue streams, use marketing tools that compel customers to come and pay for your services, and  training programs that outline every aspect of operations for your staff, so they can be successful in conversion and keeping the success wheel rolling.

STAK Fitness offers implementation plans for functional training programs, that are customized to the uniqueness of your offering. Whether using small training tools or larger commercial fitness equipment, implementation plans addresses the biggest issues outlined here – being unique, and adding revenue streams through better service to our target markets.   The implementation plans are only relevant for those fitness operations ready to position themselves in this way.

These implementation plans will not be of interest to most fitness businesses, those convinced that doing what was done a few years ago will ensure success and profits.

That is good news for those businesses who are ready. If you think you maybe ready, drop me a line and we can connect and discuss.

In your service!


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