Are We Paying Attention To The Toxins We Are Exposed To And Their Effects?

With the passing of Halloween and lots of candy now in the house as a result, I came across an article about how big food is affecting our children.(link below).

Where  we focus our attention and who keeps our attention is something that needs to be prioritized.  That is why we live in The Attention Age!

Think about it  – how many things get thrown at you in a typical day?  Constant email, phone calls, interruptions ….go, go, go.  So does quick food right?

So where should we be focussing our attention?

There are a number of areas of our lives, from our business/jobs, to health, to family , finance, relationships etc.

I would say our health and that of our family is the most important area, would you agree ?

As my MD said to me this week during my appointment, there are 80000-120000 industrial pollutants in our environment that we are exposed to regularly.  From the food we eat to the air we breathe. (the number is closer to 120k in Europe.).

Awareness is the number 1 thing.  Do you realize what we are exposed to daily?

So many bad things are caused by toxins in our body and its inability to process them –  too many to mention here.

So if you believe that – (and if you don’t , there should be no worries right? ) ,

Number 2 is getting assessed. Is everything working the way it should to process toxins out of the body?  With all that is being spent on the promotion of supplementation, the number 1 question is how much does our body absorb and process?

Number 3 is what are you going to do about it?

I can tell you what we have done in my house: we are making a conscious effort to ensure our immune systems are strong and our organs work well.  How?  We get the professional advice we need to make sure our bodies are processing out the toxins, are supplementing our diet to offset the weaknesses from the toxin exposure, and eating as well as we  can.

Example: We try to get organic as often as we can – pesticides are one of these many toxins .  For example, I love my coffee, but commercial coffee has huge levels of pesticides in most of them. Let’s be clear…I like my coffee, my sugar snacks ….not preaching to abolish.  But we do take precautions to offset.  We do stay away from some things like sugary drinks and artificial sweeteners and we take supplements to keep us strong.

The information is available to understand really what these toxic products are doing to our health.

Are we paying attention ?

Most importantly , we aware of what we are being exposed to, and developing strategies to prepare our bodies to deal with this.   Some toxins we can’t control exposure to – but we need to be aware and have solutions on how to deal with them.

If our number 1 priority is our health, then well worth the time to prepare.  No one cares as much about your health as you.  Let’s continue to make it a priority and get up to date!

Not sure about all of this? Pay some attention and do some research – here is the article on impact of big food as a start.

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