Preparation..A Lost Skill?

“Take me, train me, be firm with me, and I will place the world at your feet .

Be easy with me and I will destroy you

Who am I?

I am Habit!” – Author Unknown

Is today’s drive through mindset, is preparation a lost skill?

As lack of preparation become a bad habit that we need to make sure we avoid?

I think what I like most about elite performers – whether it be athletics, arts, business….is the level of preparation they put into their vocation.

In offering fitness, how much do we put into preparation?

Do we prepare and research the best way to manage our time and priorities?

   Do we prepare how our marketing is put together?

   Do we do our research on the needs of the people we serve?

Do we prepare to get better everyday?

Or , do we react to the issue of the minute and find ourselves responding to situations without the proper preparation.

Let’s think about that – to be prepared, you must make time to do so.

Without being able to manage priorities and time , how can you be prepared?

As we head into 2013, resolutions and goals will be re-set.

At STAK Fitness one of our’s   is to continually be better prepare, that goes for Greg Lawlor as well!


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