Top 5 Things That Will Change in Fitness in Next 5 years.

This is the time of the year where the fitness industry talks about trends and forecasts.

Here are my top 5 predictions for fitness in the coming years.

  1. Successful fitness providers will implement more coaching programs.

Understanding how to transfer a patron from self-guided to guided will become a significant growth trend.  Coaching will become the way that fitness is provided.   The challenge for fitness providers is to tap into proven methods of converting self-guided to guided programs. Programming will revolve around a number of areas

  •   More programs for large equipment. Large equipment like treadmills , bikes and elliipticals are not diminishing in popularity. Our work at STAK Fitness in fitness supply can attest to that.  Bikes, ellipticals and functional cardio pieces like the Precor AMT provide a safe, progressive and low impact workout.  A coaching program around this becomes critical to enhance their value in your offering.
  •  Functional training programs, small group training programs will continue to prosper.  Like with large equipment, investment is required in the HOW to escort people through the process so coaching is the best recipe for consumers to achieve their goals.
  • High Intensity Interval Training, metabolic training will continue to grow. More and more research is promoting the benefits of higher intensity and shorter duration of exercise sessions.  The challenge for fitness providers is to adapt this protocol to the target market being served, with appropriate exercises.   The general public will be receptive to the shorter duration, but not higher intensity unless carefully planned out, with safe guidance and progress monitored.

2. To cater to higher intensity, and more guided exercise sessions,  specialty training tools will continue to evolve. With the growth of products like TRX Training (have you noticed the 20 knockoffs in the last 3 years), more and more specialty products will be introduced to address any of the above growth areas.

3. Technology will become the driver and training tool for the masses.  From goal setting and workout tracking, to delivery of information, and monitoring of equipment performance and usage.  Technology will hit fitness like it has every other industry.

4.  The successful fitness providers will be the ones that tap into sound marketing and business practices.   The increased competition for the fitness dollar will match the increased demand from the public, and only the very astute in delivering their message will prosper.

5.  Integrating regular fitness as part of the day will grow – integrated into the day – no longer 90 minutes per workout.   How to get a workout in your hotel room, kitchen, in the office.   90 minute workout sessions are not manageable for many people.  With the growth of HITT, as per above, and the research behinds its benefits, this is good news.  Those offering fitness need to recognize this and provide tools to assist in this process.

Our work in fitness supply and education will continue to help define the HOW on each of these in the coming months.

Let me know what you think…are we on ? do you see different?

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