How are you holding the Attention of the people you serve?

In the August issue of STAK Fitness’ emag, we had a theme focused around the Attention Age. Let’s get up to speed on the terminology, we have progressed from the Information Age to the Attention Age.
As it applies to our fitness offering, the business that keeps the attention of its target market wins.
Have you noticed who in your market is keeping the attention?

If you have not – I think worth a look.  Here is who has the attention of your client’s and potential clients

  • Amazon is now in the commercial fitness equipment business.   If you think Amazon’s business model is like anything else you have seen, you are mistaken. They break down how much the lifetime value of a customer is worth to them in a category and invest in low prices to buy that customer spending. Simple eh? with lower overhead than retailers, Amazon is making an impact in just about every business sector. Don’t think it applies to offering fitness services. Give it some time. It does and will. Amazon has people’s attention.
  • Groupon – I read a post on twitter the other day congratulating a fellow fitness pro on his special Groupon offering that took a $297 fee to $29 as part of the offer.    Congratulations, really? Should we be striving to provide more for higher prices or less for lower prices? Which model is more appealing to your offering?   Groupon has people’s attention
  • Crossfit has people’s attention.


  • TRXTraining has people’s attention


  • Small Group Training has people’s attention


  • P90x has people’s attention


  • there are others..


So how will you position your offering to keep people’s attention?

Piggy backing on any of the above.


I am partial to integrating some of what has people’s attention in your target market with your unique offering.

So here is the challenge, supposing we agree that keeping your clients and potential client’s attention is the key to prosperity in the foreseeable future, then keeping our target market’s attention is the goal.  Not lower prices, not higher volume, but profitability through a stable and consistent client base who seek information from you – the expert.  How can you hold their attention?

Look around. I am partial to blogging, and sharing content that is of value.

Some enjoy social media, others through video or personal appearances. There are tons of ways, preferably ones you enjoy, however the question is what small step can you take today to hold the attention  of those you serve?

It is the key to prosperity moving forward.  It is worth pursuing….

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