What is Cardio Profit Formula and Why Do You Need It?

This week marks the annual fitness trade show here in Canada.  It is the only show on a national scale and brings presenters and attendees from all over.

Every time I do a trade show, and I have done many over the years, it makes me think about implementation.  More specifically, what can we learn or share that helps our team, and the people we serve be better.  Implementation to me means strategies that take good ideas that get traction, allow for progress.

Too many times in business,  great ideas do not have implementation plans.  Normally at this type of show, we dont see anyone presenting a “profit formula”.

With that in mind, we have spent a fair amount of time developing services that do just  that. You will hear more about them in the next couple of months, however, one of them that we are pretty excited about is called Cardio Profit  Formula.  We will be presenting that as part of the trade show portion, by appointment only, in Toronto at selected times Friday and Saturday this week.

The team at STAK Fitness understands that investing in new equipment,  especially cardiovascular pieces is a big deal.

When you start to add on the investment that goes with along with adding equipment,  in staff training, and education, it is clear that these are large tasks, involving much time, effort, and money….and clearly it involves some risk.

For the last 15-20 years , most fitness facility operators have been left to deal with the above on their own. Quite frankly, it was profitable to simply build a nice facility and watch people flock through the doors.

The acquisition of commercial cardio equipment needs high return on investment (ROI) plan:  a recipe that outlines criteria to make sure that all the bases your business needs are covered.  This would include but not be limited to:

   The right product mix

    The right financial strategy over short term and longer term evolution of your offering

The most efficient use of space

Maintenance plan

  Warranty and cost of ownership plan

How to avoid a room full depreciating assets that become worth $0 on the books after a few years.

Biomechanics to appeal to a wide target market

Staff  training on how the equipment is designed to help your paying customers, and steps for them to follow to convert that to revenue.

Cardio Profit Formula covers all these bases and more – it is that missing recipe needed to ensure profit and success.

To generate profit from a plan around your equipment investment.

What a novel concept!   and we will be sharing that this week in Toronto.

If you want to book your time please click here  http://www.blog.stakfitness.com/

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