What I learned in Atlantic Canada Last Week.

We brought a  team (myself, Robert Piaskowski – STAK’s Government Program Director, and Precor’s Todd Allison)  to Dartmouth, Nova Scotia to support the Grand Opening and launch of Everything Fitness as the preferred commercial fitness resource for Atlantic Canada.

We learned some pretty valuable lessons in 3 days, I thought you may enjoy 15 of them.

1.  There are not many places as beautiful as Atlantic Canada on clear, sunny days.

2.  The people of Atlantic Canada are as hospitable as you will ever find ( I knew that before last week, but it is always amazing to experience it).

3.  Fitness offerings in Atlantic Canada are going through a time of change, like in all other regions of Canada (and the world for that matter).

4.  Doug Wigg can really belt out a tune.

5.  Allison Athletic (Todd’s first company) started in Dartmouth in the early 80’s , and his two children were born there.

6.  Getting family and friends involved in a business event can work – thanks to Doug Wigg and his team of supporters.   The team Doug has assembled is spectacular and focused on providing a positive experience for the people they serve.

7.  I had never had lobster like we experienced at  Fans  Restaurant. If you are ever in Dartmouth, try the Lobster – North Chinese style- absolutely to die for!  http://www.fansrestaurant.com) 

8.  There is a transit strike in Halifax region. Not that we were taking the bus, but the picket line was across the street from the hotel we stayed at.

9.  Fitness leaders  are ready for solutions and strategies to help better serve those in need of fitness services.

10.  To truly serve the fitness community, a company must have a local presence to get people’s attention.

11.  Robert Piaskowski can pack more into a carry on than any other person I have ever seen.

12.  There is no quota on laughter in Nova Scotia!

13.  Authenticity is not just a term from the latest business journal. Seeing the way Doug and his team treat people is the very definition of the word.

14.  Kel’s Deli makes a great sandwich!

15.  The region of Halifax/Dartmouth feels like home!

Thanks To Doug, Steve,  Sherri, Ron and the entire Everything Fitness team.

A 3 day event that was exceptional!

In the next few days I will share some of the top fitness business observations we shared with the group.

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