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The Evolution Of The Trainer

The role and expectation of the fitness consultant personal trainer, the fitness leader, the fitness coach has changed quite a bit over the years.

In the late 1970’s to 1990’s, the fitness consultant was responsible to explaining the pre-set program the organization had in place. The workout program was pretty much the same for all customers. The customization revolved very few variables to manipulate. Most often, resistance was the variable as well as length of workout session. The repetitions stayed the same, as did the speed and type of movement. The regimen involved a warm up, some flexibility but mostly strength training and steady state cardio sessions. Read More..

Thinking Differently About Solutions- Not A Simple Process

In speaking with many, many fitness operators across the country, one of the biggest barriers we see to progress is thinking differently about a solution to a problem.

let’s define that a little. Problems, challenge, obstacles to growth and sustainably offering fitness are all around us.  To create solutions that work for your organization requires one thing first: Read More..

Training at 48, not like it used to be!

One of the things I like about the health and fitness magazines is that they document the workout routines of fit celebrities and athletes.   One of the drawbacks to this is that these programs are not always the most current, and frankly not customized to anyone but the person being profiled. Very rarely does the program describe the concepts behind the program design.   Read More..

Breaking News: Business Maturity Hits Fitness!

If you are involved in operation of a fitness business as I am, and look around, it may seem like the walls are caving in a bit.

Increased competition for your services, and your customer’s attention have forced a certain maturity in operations in order to survive.

It is not uncommon to see fitness businesses closing, as another one did in the Kitchener-Waterloo region July 1. (This is the 2nd closing in the area in a few months).

Sad news. Read More..