Thinking Differently About Solutions- Not A Simple Process

Thinking Differently About Solutions- Not A Simple Process

In speaking with many, many fitness operators across the country, one of the biggest barriers we see to progress is thinking differently about a solution to a problem.

let’s define that a little. Problems, challenge, obstacles to growth and sustainably offering fitness are all around us.  To create solutions that work for your organization requires one thing first:

Objectively look at the problem from all angles and craft a solution!

Assessment of the problem, consequences of not dealing with it and the possible solutions are all part of the process.

So many times, we have found that assessing the problem and thinking about a solution is a very, very difficult task.

In fact, many organizations are only willing to do what has always been done.

So the challenge is to acknowledge and understand that new problems dictate new solutions.  Our challenge is to find those solutions with minimal risk and maximum return.

I hope to share some examples with you in the coming weeks, but here is one that I found.  The Philadelphia Eagles have approached their conditioning differently than most. It has provided great results. Kudos to them and their new coach for implementing a solution that serves them better than any other.

At STAK Fitness, our success is defined by helping you find a solution to your challenges. We look forward to connecting.

Greg Lawlor

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