New Shiny Piece of Equipment with No Plan!

The situation plays out across North America.
If  you run a fitness business, at some point you have been exposed to either the latest training method or the newest in equipment …..or both.

The nice new shiny piece of equipment that you know everyone of your members will love!

The latest training method that is  sure to be attractive to your audience!

You see the equipment or program somewhere, or someone on your staff refers it to you and the next thing you need to invest in.

One example of that is the launch of the jungle gym type apparatus – you know the one that you can hook ropes up to , straps, do dips, chin ups – the big functional cage.

Another is the influx of straps for body weight training.  You know which ones I mean!

These are 2 great examples…new, interesting, versatile, popular and in demand…

Sound familiar?

That played out recently in Western Canada, where a reputable equipment manufacturer delivered their newly launched functional cage to the local fitness club.

The end result was  predictable.

The massive beast was dropped off.

The invoice was provided.

The supplier’s job was done.

Sound familiar? Seem problematic?

What followed, was a lot of confusion from the staff, a lot of questions from the patrons and no plan from the management on how to make this work for their offering.

The unit sat there –  taking up valuable space and became very problematic.

  • What to offer on the functional cage ?


  • How to offer it and to whom?


  • the training for the staff?


  • How to market this internally and externally?


  • How to translate this significant investment into revenue and profit?


  • include in standard membership fee or charge for this service?


In 20 years in the fitness supply industry , I can tell you  this happens more than you think. Especially these days, where competition for the fitness dollar is fierce.

Replace the functional cage with the latest and greatest piece of cardio ? or strength equipment? Or bodyweight strap trainers? You get the idea?

There is no plan. There is no implementation address any or all of these questions.

Your equipment supplier is here to help you with that. It is in their best interest to make sure that this is in place and you get positive return on your investment.

In fact, if it is not, I would recommend you do not add the new program or equipment.

The fitness industry is more competitive than ever.   Putting equipment in a room and expecting people to pay you for its use, is not a sustainable strategy anymore. Putting a smiling instructor at the front of the room is not enough anymore.

Demand your implementation plan on anything you want to add to the facility.

Better yet, only add to the facility what shows how HOW this provide a return.

Many fitness managers and owners are struggling with the HOW. Get those answers and don’t get stuck with another dust collector/eye sore that gobbled up precious resources.

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