How To Overcome The Hidden Objection To Your Services

If you are offering fitness services, you know you are being judged every day, right?

Of course we are.   I know we are on our side of the industry, in equipment supply and educational services.

Side note: you think any of our staff at STAK Fitness have faced potential customers who have been burnt by suppliers? You bet. How do we deal with it? We tell the truth…read on.

Let me explain.

Ever take the time to think about why that potential client that hesitates in committing to a new fitness program?

We are being judged by everything that did not work for that person in their past.

  • Every “get fit quick” gimmick online or in the media.
  • By every widget on the television promising of life changing results
  • By every weight loss program that did not work.
  • By everyone at that person’s home who did not support his/her effort to adopt and healthier lifestyle.

In fact, when you think about it, we are pretty much held to the same standard that Lucy was when she pulled the ball away from Charlie Brown.

So we are being judged by their experience.

How many times did that person try to get into better shape, lose some weight, reduce pain, be more active and failed?

In fact, from their perspective, it may be easier to not commit to another program and not have to put up with the ridicule at home.

Think about it, if people believed 100% they would succeed with a membership at your facility or through your services, there would be little hesitation to commit right?

So how do we deal with “being judged”? or the “hidden objection”

Is that not the elephant in the room? The big secret no one wants to talk about?

Here are 3  ways.  

  1. Confirm that this will be different. “that was then , this is now”
  2. Have your “reason why” process– all the reasons why it has not worked in the past have been eliminated.
  3. Re-affirm with the following language “finally, you are making a good decision”.

Regardless of the service you provide in fitness, there are things holding people back.

Call them the elephant in the room.

The better we are at dealing with them, the more we can get commitment from the people we serve.

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