4 things to make sure you are positioned for success!

We have seen big changes in the last few years in terms of how our businesses operate.

On the supply side, with STAK Fitness (www.stakfitness.com) for example, it is not good enough to only have a good product to offer. We need to make sure our team are razor sharp in making sure our equipment helps solve the big challenges of our customers. Most often these are new client acquisition, retention and profit.

Similarly, in providing fitness, on your side of the equation, it is no longer good enough to simply open up a business and expect folks to show up.   Successful operations start with services that allow you to stand out from all the others that are offering similar services in your market.   But that is not all that is needed.

Here are the 4 things to follow to ensure that we are going to hit our goals for growth, service and ultimately profit:

  1. As a first step, we can look at what is working well around us, and duplicate it.   It is not necessary to re-invent the wheel, but identify growth areas in fitness and customize to what you have .   What is working around us is timed workouts and functional movement training. The biggest areas of growth, like TRX (http://www.trxtraining.com) for example, incorporate functional movements.
  2. The 2nd step is to customize it to your offer and making it engaging. Engagement will keep people coming back. Seeing results will keep people coming back. Having tools that allow you to monitor and track progress and results. (Example: networked fitness , see more at preva.com by Precor)
  3. The 3rd step is to implement a coaching model so you and your staff can implement the above. What steps need to be followed to create value and get results in the sales of small group or individual training. Self guided fitness is not working as well as coached fitness. A program to capitalize on that is essential in today’s fitness. Products like the AMT by Precor allow you to do that (www.amtfitness.com) or the Functional FItness Playground (www.functionalfitnessplayground.com)
  4. The 4th step is to tie in what you are doing to awareness into the community that you serve. Without a sound marketing and awareness program, all the good work you are doing is not known to the people who can benefit most. Technology has changed radically how people consume information, where it comes from and how you must position your services.

These are concepts we not only recommend, but employ in our business. Let’s connect soon and discuss how this can work for your fitness offering.

This article first appeard in Fitness Business Canada FitNet May edition

you can see it here  http://fitnet.ca/comm/index.php/2013/5/greglawlor_may2013

Greg Lawlor

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