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Sprint Intensity Training to overtake HIIT?

The Sprint 8® Protocol is more intense than interval training, but worth the effort, according to its creator Phil Campbell.

In two hospital-based studies specifically on Campbell’s Sprint 8 Protocol, the research shows an average drop in body fat of 27% with no change in diet. Campbell attributes the results to a natural increase in human growth hormone.

Our team at STAK Fitness/Matrix Canada is implementing this program with organizations as I write this. Stay tuned for more details on progress.

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Some of the latest gym design trends

Tired of seeing the same old same old in each gym you go to?

Very predictable…a cardio area, weight stack area, free weight area. All very good but more and more organizations are doing something different with certain areas of their floor space.

Others are creating different designs to help gain interest and keep people coming back.

Have a look at what my friends at Escape Fitness have created in some key international locations.

Have a look….

let’s connect soon!

The Evolution Of The Trainer

The role and expectation of the fitness consultant personal trainer, the fitness leader, the fitness coach has changed quite a bit over the years.

In the late 1970’s to 1990’s, the fitness consultant was responsible to explaining the pre-set program the organization had in place. The workout program was pretty much the same for all customers. The customization revolved very few variables to manipulate. Most often, resistance was the variable as well as length of workout session. The repetitions stayed the same, as did the speed and type of movement. The regimen involved a warm up, some flexibility but mostly strength training and steady state cardio sessions. Read More..