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Why Steady State Cardio is Taking a Beating!

Even the most casual exerciser has heard about interval training, aka TABATA training, aka HIIT.

What does it really do?

How can it help you achieve your goals.

When done right it can allow you to be efficient, help with fat loss, help with building lean muscle tissue, thickening of the skin, and even naturally release human growth hormone.

When done wrong, you can risk injury, burn out, and over train.

Sprint8 is a form of interval training that takes the guesswork out of the training protocol. It has lots of research behind and proven with exercisers of all ages.

This program can be executed on any piece of equipment, or on a track. What it requires is a good warmup, 30 seconds of all out exercise, 90 seconds of rest – repeated as many times as possible up to 8 cycles.  The key ingredient is all out exercise, sprint level intensity – hence the name.

see more here: http://www.sprint8.com/research/

Some supporting reading: (a good article comparing the different types of training) 


Tip from an old guy:  Explore Sprint8, find a soft on the joint (recumbent bike) exercise modality, and give a try. You will find a lot of things will improve. Don’t abandon your regular routine, integrate 3 sessions/week x 20 minutes each for a month and tell me how your feel.

Note: My favorite modality is the Indoor cycle bike (Spin bike), Matrix Hybrid Cycle (1/2 recumbent/1/2 upright), and SDrive performance trainer.

I would not write about this – unless it made an impact on me and I believe in the science!

Have a good workout!