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Age is not a disability

If we relied on how we felt….tired, sore, low energy, sick a few times a year.

If we believed the media: after 40, physically your best days are behind you.

The reality is that middle age represents a unique time in our lives.  A different time.

  • For some of us, we are running around getting our kids to activities (or just running around!)
  • We are busy with all the commitments and obligations we have for work.
  • We have witnessed the decline of our parents, a very challenging life event, that exposes us to their vulnerability and foreshadows ours to come?
  • Our self care has taken a back seat, yet perhaps have not quite felt the decline – although we are getting subtle symptoms!

Your self-care!

There …I said it.

How are you taking care of yourself?

And no, a few glasses of wine a few days a week does not count! (rewards perhaps  but not self-care!)

Your weekly golf game or hockey game does not count!

Yard work once a month does not count!

These are not considered active aging!

Doing something when you can does not count unless it is daily.

Financial experts would say that you need to pay yourself off the top as part of your investment plan.

Do fitness and health experts say the same about your self-care?

Our society has a model that has you consult a doctor when something is wrong.

You consult a financial advisor when you want to increase your financial portfolio.

Like our finances, our own health requires that we take charge and get informed….. and not be left to someone else.

The thought of self-care to include exercise may not be the most appealing. Perhaps you are not a gym person.  Perhaps you are too busy. Perhaps you don’t enjoy working out unless playing something, perhaps …there are lots of reasons not to exercise or train.  Only 1 good one needed to re-evaluate.


Train for what?

For life. To stay strong, positive, energetic and be your best self.   Like athletes, we have a purpose to train for, yet many do not look at it this way.  If we are not strong, our loved ones suffer. They rely on us. We owe it to ourselves.

What I am about to introduce to you is a simple, effective program that will allow you to slow down the decline, perhaps freeze it for a while. To re-gain some of that strength and energy lost in the last few years… all on a time budget.

That is right, a time budget. Not 150 minutes per week. Not 45 minutes a day.  All in just a few minutes per day.

Stay connected, our new product launch is coming soon.

A game changer.

Age is not a disability!