A Birthday from a Kid’s Perspective!

A Birthday from a Kid’s Perspective!

Spent most of the day with the family today, to celebrate my son’s birthday.

This day has become my favorite of the year.   I really get a kick out of his excitement and pure joy for the day.

It connects me to being a kid, it connects me to my days teaching elementary school when the kids would shout with joy when entering the gym.

At some point, we lose the child in us don’t we

We are not as curious as kids are.   They never stop asking questions, but adults do! Kids have a wild imagination, adults don’t! When was the last time yuo had to ask a child to think outside the box? Kids never stop asking….pushing our buttons. If mom says no, they ask Dad. Think about it. Beautiful.

My son could not wait to get up this morning, and did not want to go to bed last night. Remember that feeling at Christmas as a kid. As adults we forget that.

There are so many things we can learn  from kids. We forget what it is like. Life beats us up a bit and we get cynical, we don’t instinctively believe in things – someone has to prove it to us first.

Think about it.

To this day, every once in a while, my wife says to me “you are such a child” .

Well, I am really startign to think that is a HUGE complement! (HAHA )

Enjoy the day as a kid!